About Us

Causera is an e-commerce platform dedicated to making fundraising for your cause easy.

Causera was founded by a group of tech veterans and parents who were frustrated with fundraisers for their kids’ schools and activities. These fundraisers were time-consuming. Many sold the same overpriced stuff. They often involved sending kids to sell door-to-door. There were too many paper forms. There had to be a way to run fundraisers more efficiently and to offer products, services, and events that people really wanted.

Out of this desire to apply technology to make fundraising better, Causera was born. Using Causera, any organization can set up its own e-commerce site in 5 minutes or less. Simple, right? But it’s also rich in features to match just about any fundraising need.

Our Team:

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    David Liu, CEO

    David is a seasoned veteran of business and law who hails from the heart of Tar Heel country (that’s North Carolina to the uninitiated). In a past life, he served as the Director of Legal for Commerce at Google as well as a startup attorney at a major Silicon Valley law firm. He brings extensive entrepreneurial experience, having co-founded one of the leading product companies in the scrapbooking space.

    David is the proud father of three kids, 6 and under, and he is an active volunteer in their schools. He’s also not ashamed to say that he does most of the baking for school events in his household. David earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina and his JD from Harvard Law School.

  • Hugh_olliphant
    Hugh Olliphant, Technology

    Hugh earned his Silicon Valley stripes as a startup founder and longtime PayPaler. He founded gMoney in 1999 as a service to provide financial tools for groups, ultimately selling the assets to PayPal. At PayPal, he ran the enterprise product team and later PayPal Labs. In 2011, he returned to his startup roots, founding Wednesdays, a service to coordinate meals with colleagues and friends. He also built Envirosearch, a non-profit search service, for CarbonFund, an organization dedicated to supporting environmental causes.

    Hugh is the proud father of twins, with whom he enjoys disassembling toys, painting on his car, and building anything geeky. Hugh was actively involved with his kids’ preschool and recently joined the Dads’ Club for their elementary school. He holds a BA from Pomona College and a MBA from Kellogg.

  • Marisa_chen
    Marisa Chen, Marketing

    Marisa has worked in marketing roles with a number of Silicon Valley companies, including One Jackson (acquired by Task Rabbit), and Marvell Semiconductor. When she's not busy working on Causera's marketing plans, Marisa keeps David and Hugh in line. Marisa holds a BA in Awesome from the University of California, Santa Barabara.

  • Sophia_chiang
    Sophia Chiang
    , Principal Advisor

    Armed with an engineering degree, several glorious years at Goldman Sachs, and executive marketing and product leadership positions at various B2C and B2B start ups, Sophia brings extensive experience (and war wounds) in finance, marketing, and product strategy to Causera. As the CEO and founder of Qlubb, Sophia built and grew the school collaboration platform to 100,000 members nationwide. In her spare minutes, Sophia has served on the board of several SF area preschools and currently serves as PTA vice president of her children’s schools. She earned a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from MIT.

  • Deborah_liu
    Deborah Liu
    , Principal Advisor

    Deborah is a Silicon Valley product guru. She has led product teams and prominent initiatives at several major tech firms. Her experience includes launching Facebook Credits, managing the end-to-end buyer experience at eBay, and running the product team for PayPal’s eBay business. She also mentors startups on their social and commerce strategies, and with her husband David co-founded a successful scrapbooking company that is still one of the leaders in the industry.

    Deb shares three kids with David. Though she would like to say she is a supermom, she has long given up on baking and child pick-ups to focus on tiger mom teaching at home. Luckily, her tiger cubs love their whiteboard and books, so she has not had to resort to any extraordinary measures to get them to learn. She has an BSE degree from Duke (but not the kind that is needed at a tech firm) and a MBA from Stanford.

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    Premal Shah
    , Advisor

    Premal Shah, President Kiva.org. Kiva today raises over $1 million each week for the working poor in +60 countries and was named a Top 50 Website by TIME Magazine. For his work as a social entrepreneur, Premal was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and selected to FORTUNE magazine's "Top 40 under 40" list. Premal began his career as a management consultant and graduated from Stanford University.

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    Mike Greenfield
    , Advisor

    The founder of Team Rankings and Circle of Moms, Mike Greenfield is a serial entrepreneur with a strong interest in data and analytics. He spent his post-college years as a Senior Scientist at PayPal, where he developed much of PayPal's early fraud detection technology, and then led the Analytics team at LinkedIn, where he helped the service grow from a small site with a few hundred thousand users to the clear leader in its space with 10 million members. Most recently, Mike led the product development team at Circle of Moms until the company was acquired by Sugar in February 2012, growing a community of around 6 million moms connected around news and advice on parenting topics.

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    Yul Kwon
    , Advisor

    Yul Kwon is best known as the winner of the reality show Survivor: Cook Islands and host of the PBS miniseries America Revealed. A graduate of Stanford and Yale Law School, he has been a lawyer, management consultant, entrepreneur, and nonprofit advocate. Prior to his Survivor experience, Yul worked within Google's business strategy group and as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. More recently, he served as Deputy Chief of the Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau at the FCC. Yul has a long history of supporting non-profit organizations, including having helped his Survivor co-finalist, Becky Lee, establish the Becky's Fund, a non-profit program dedicated in helping victims of domestic violence. He also helps several non-profits with raising awareness about the need of more bone marrow donors and is the spokesperson for the Asian American Donor Program and the National Marrow Donor Program.

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    Yee Lee
    , Advisor

    Yee Lee has over fifteen years of product management and engineering experience at Silicon Valley companies. He was an early employee of PayPal and Slide and has launched three startups, one acquired by Google. Lee is an active investor and advisor to consumer internet companies and has helped over a dozen companies get off the ground, including SlideShare, Khush, GroupCard, Togetherville, and Wildfire. Yee is currently Chief Technology Officer of One Jackson, an innovative new online/mobile retail brand which he co-founded.

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    John Anderson
    , Advisor

    John is Director of Platform Operations at Facebook, where he oversees global payments and risk operations for the company. Prior to Facebook, John was the founder/CEO of GroupCard, a social payments startup that was acquired by InComm, a sixteen billion dollar prepaid services company. At InComm, John served as VP of Ecommerce and Mobile Payments. Previously, John held numerous product, payments, and marketing roles at eBay. John serves as an advisory and board member for a number of leading startups in online gaming, video, and ecommerce. John is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and earned an MS from Cornell and an MBA from Stanford Business School.